COMP4670/8600 Logistics and Assessments

Key websites


  • Online quiz, 2%, hurdle (due sometime in the first 5 weeks)
  • Assignment 1, 25% (due Monday 23:59 week 6)
  • Assignment 2, 25% (due Monday 23:59 week 11)
  • Video assignment, 18% (due Tuesday 23:59 week 12)
  • Final exam, 30% (online, during examination period)

  • Practice assignment for using Gradescope to upload programming assignments, 0%, sometime in the first 5 weeks

  • Community building for remote learning and assignment pairing: Short self-info video or text, upload to Piazza. 0%

Paired assignment

  • Students can submit Assignment 1 and Assignment 2 in a self-formed team of size 1 or 2 people.
  • Students submitting in a pair act as one unit:
    • Both of the two students should fully understand all the answers in their submission
    • Each student in the pair must understand the solution well enough in order to reconstruct it by him/herself
  • In the case of team submission, the assignment should include a brief statement about who contributed what.
    • In most cases, students in the same team can expect to get the same mark for the team assignment

Video assignment

The video assignment is an individual assignment.

  • Each student are expected to upload a video talking about one topic from the assignments or labs, and the thinking behind it.
  • The length of the video should be between 4 to 8 minutes, with an under- and over- length penalty being 1 point per 10 seconds (or part thereof).
  • Grading scheme for the video assignment will be made available in advance of the due date.

Late policy

Lecture recordings and online workshops

Tutorials and labs

Attend one lab per week. Sign up for your preferred lab session on [Wattle]().

Solutions for each week’s lab will be published at the end of that week. Until that time the hyperlinks will simply be broken.